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Birthdate:Oct 30
There was once a girl who dreamt she'd one day rule the world. That day has yet to come.

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13x6, a streetcar named desire, acquiring ridiculously overpriced pens, aerosmith, alan kuo, american beauty, american gods, anoice, art-school, atonement, attempting to ride a horse, avant, bishounen, bond, boston legal, brad crawford, bridget jones' diary, calligraphy, candide, catch-22, charlie and the chocolate factory, chocolate, chopin, coffee, collecting armani palettes, compulsively touching faux fur, corsetry, dark is rising, desperate housewives, digital art, divine comedy, don quixote, drinking fruity cocktails, dry humour, dupont shaman, enchanted, f.i.r, fake?, fight club, filth in the beauty, fine dining, fire emblem, firefly, fluffy things, forbidden game, glass quills, glomping jia, gone with the wind, goo goo dolls, good earth, good omens, googling at random, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, gundam wing, guren, hans zimmer, hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, house, incarnations of immortality, inoran, iroshizuku, jay chou, jj lin, kagrra, kai's dimple, kefka's laugh, l2k, leona lewis, lifehouse, live music, lord of the rings, love actually, lovebirds, ludwig kakumei, lumen lunae, luna sea, m-flo, maki-e, mariah carey, mcsteamy, micro-chibi ed, mists of avalon, mocking bad movies, mucc, muse, mythology, ne-yo, nega, nickelback, nodame cantabile, ocean's 11, ogling johnny depp, once and future king, one-on-one time with my nds, onerepublic, orlando, passionfruit, pawing at fluffy things, persuasion, piano, picture of dorian gray, pirates of the carribean, plastic tree, poncy prose, pretty things, prince caspian, private reserve, pulp fiction, qaf, raden, ranting, reading snooty fiction, retail therapy, rin', rock climbing, roy's uniform, saiyuki, sarah mclachlan, sniffing perfume, sound of music, staring at aoi's hips, sugar highs, tanzanite, tea, the alchemist, the extras, the gazette, the godfather, the idiot, the killers, the producers, the pussycat dolls, toffee, tourbillon, treize's uniform, trying on shoes, v for vendetta, vanity fair, vertigo, watership down, white honey, wikipedia, writing with fountain pens, x-men, yoga, zayin, zech's boots
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